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Therapeutic Services

Acclaim Home Health Services, Inc. will provide clients at home with Therapeutic Services. Our licensed therapists and therapy assistants are well-trained in procedures and treatments for:

patient monitored by a companion
Physical Therapy

Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy | Arthritis Treatment and Care | Management of Primary Lymphedema | Fall Risk Reduction | Balance Restoration | Gait and Stair Training | Physical Therapy for Geriatric Patients | Orthopaedics | Energy Conservation Training | Physical Therapy for Children | Training with Body Mechanics | Flexibility Training | Home Safety Assessment | Post-Surgical Treatment and Care | Join Mobility Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

Assessing Client’s Home Environment for Safety | Skills Restoration Exercises | Coordination Enhancement | Muscle Control Restoration and Training | Cognitive Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury | Body Mechanics Treatment | Minimizing Risk of Injuries and Health Complications | Chronic Pain Treatment | Restoring Sensation and Sensory Function | Upper Extremity Strength Restoration | Coaching on Practices to Promote Work Safety | Education in the Use of Mobility Adaptive Equipment | Coping Strategies for Client’s Disability | Fitting and Education on Prosthetics | Reducing Strains through Work Simplification

Speech Therapy

Reducing Phonological Delays | Reducing Fluency Difficulties | Delayed Speech Treatment | Treatment for Down Syndrome | Eating and Swallowing Strategies | Treatment for Swallowing Difficulties | Aural Rehabilitation | Individualized In-Home Therapy Sessions | Hypernasality Treatment | After-Stroke Disorders (Slurred Speech) | Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis | Cerebral Palsy Treatment | Treatment for Auditory Processing Disorders | Dysarthria Assessment and Therapy | Early Intervention and Therapy for Children Aged 5 and Below